Candle fn_9
Left by Mum :
Jonny please take good care of your God father
Sammy and his brother Donald Royals who joined you about 3 weeks ago
Please stay with them and your aunty Irene and uncle Jimmy johns I’m also asking you to please look after your God mother Shirley royals she’s struggling and missing them
Both badly so is Debbie & Lanua
Please watch over them all jonny tell Sammy & Donald I send them my love
Please tell Donald I’m going to miss walking in the fields with him and having a laugh
Donald James & I was over fields last summer Donald was really making me laugh I’m gonna miss that fun
Look after them all well please jonny boy
And please behave yourself ♥οΈπŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Ali :
Candle fn_17
Left by Ali :
Jonny please pray for Joyce & Albert from us
Also there is a lot of difficulties in the world
So please jonny pray for all the people in
Every part of the world
Lots of love from Joyce & Albert
And mum do your best please jonny
Candle fn_17
Left by Ali:
Jonny your dogs are all ok
So don’t worry about them
Please look after our dogs/pets in heaven & give them πŸ’‹ kisses and hugs from me I miss them as well xxxxxx
Mum :
Candle fn_19
Left by Mum :
Hi jonny
I still can’t believe you left me on this day 2017 I remember it like it was yesterday it haunts me everyday your never out of my head or ❀️
You didn’t deserve to die in those conditions
You were found in ( distrusting) I’m so sorry I failed you in your hour of need I have to live with that guilt everyday but I didn’t no you were in trouble or I’d have tried to save you or at least have been with you
All your mates talk about you they have told me afew things you all got up 2
Yes including you jonny 😁
I think you have poss spoilt the polices fun
I don’t hear the sirens so much now
( that’s so funny) 🀣I bet they are bored to tears and miss the sport πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜
I love ❀️ you jonny I will never get over this
But I keep my promise we will be together soon I’m so lost without you everyday I’m broken they say time heals ( well that’s not the case for me) it gets harder we were always together through thick & thin now I’m alone without you by my side but I know your with me in spirit all your friends and my own are looking after me .. Kevin rings me all the time to check I’m ok Bless him he’s a good lad
Keep listening to our songs I’ve sent you in the past I’m sending you another favourite
Faded by Alan Walker and pit bull songs
I listen to our music all the time all day it keeps me sane ( well I think it’s keeping me sane😧
Lol. Oh helens gran has plans for you up there
She’s gonna teach you how to boogie now that I’d love to see I can picture her now grabbing you by your shirt collar and dragging you around like a limp rag doll I’d pay good money to see this laugh .
Take care with your two left feet no tripping over yourself πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Vanessa rings me we always talk & laugh about when we was all together having fun
You have broken so many ♥️ leaving all we want is you back but like I said I keep my promise oh and another thing you can stop playing with my electrics as well ( fairy lights) yes I’ve recorded you doing it
I love ❀️ you jonny xxxxxx
Candle fn_5
Left by Ali:
Hi Jonny
We were with your mum quite a bit till covid 19
Stopped us & all your mates meeting up
With her
She misses you so badly so do we
From Tony your mums mate & the rest of the gang