Candle fn_9
Left by Relatives :
Jonny little Paris ( trust me she’s tiny) she started nursery for the 1st time yesterday
Debbie kindly sent me photos of her with a little ruck sack about to leave she can melt your ❤️
She enjoyed herself at nursery she was busy making everybody cups of tea etc
I just hope she makes me one when I next visit them on the site
I’m gonna love ❤️ Playing tea party’s with her & singing
In the jungle the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight
Yes she knows every word to the song
I was amazed when she sang that .
And she’s in tune which totally gob smacked me
It takes a lot for me to be gob smacked..
You would love her
She’s an amazing little girl
Mum :
Candle fn_14
Left by Mum :
Hey Jonny it’s Willow's birthday tomorrow.
I’m not going to make her a birthday cake because she will eat it lol😂🤣😂😆xxxxxxcc
Mum :
Candle fn_5
Left by Mum :
Happy Birthday jonny boy I wish you was with us so badly so we could have a good time again it’s not the same without you & I guess it never will be
I’m sending you some funny songs to listen to by
Richie Kavanagh little travellin man & chicken talk he’s made a lot of songs listen to them the little Volkswagen song reminds me of jack & the rest remind me of you & jack or you & in. It’s so funny
Please jonny look after your best mates sister Tina who you knew also look after her family they are devastated also please keep a good eye on Joyce & Albert for me they are both struggling on the quiet please do your best to help them
I’d ask you to look after me but I think I’m now a lost cause
Jonny can you please look after Bo
Tell him I said Thank you very much for everything & I miss our discos in the car I still listen to sia we loved her music
I hope your behaving yourself ( that will be a 1st)
Is there any chance you could come more often in my dreams & bring the little dogs 🐕 please I need to see you all again I want you back so bad
36 years ago I was holding you in my arms a brand new baby I wish I could hold & kiss/cuddle you again
I’m gutted and nothing now were apart
Oh listen to sun head O’Connor
Nothing compares to you
Love you loads jonny
My heart ❤️ is broken to bits

I keep my promise and please tell Bo thank you from me & give him a kiss & hug
He wasn’t just a Genius he was also very brave when he took ill he carried on as normal to the bitter end
He’s an amazing man look after him jonny
Mum :
Candle fn_17
Left by Mum :
Happy Birthday Jonny boy
Love ❤️ from Willow
Candle fn_18
Left by Willow:
Hey Jonny Debbie has a little baby grand daughter called Paris
You would love ❤️ her she’s amazing & so clever and she loves music 🎵 and singing like us
She’s a little doll with beautiful blonde hair
She’s so cute Bless her you would love her I do I wish she was mine 😄
Happy birthday jonny boy
Love ❤️ you loads mum I had to tell you that news Xxxxxxx
Mum :