Thinking of Tommy and all Hilarys family. Lloved so much and will be missed beyond words, sending my love to you all. Hilary was the most kindest, caring, loving lady who adored you all,
my heart goes out to you, Tommy and all the family.
From Paula and Tom O'Leary xxx
Paula Oleary:
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Left by Paula Oleary:
It’s always hard to lose someone,
Who’s been there as you’ve grown,
But harder still, when the person you’ve lost,
Was the best women you’ve ever known...

Our beautiful Nan was so many things,
A wife, a mother, a friend.
She was filled with compassion for everyone,
And her , we could always depend.

She had the patience of a saint;
Playing for hours with the kids on the floor.
She was the kind of person who’d go without,
To see that you had more.

She spoke her mind, no matter what;
And your worries, she’d take away,
By letting you know how loved you were,
And that everything would be ok.

We all know how deeply she loved us,
With how much for us she cared.
Now we get to treasure her memory,
And all the times together we shared...

Like staying off school to go shopping,
Then to see Santa, we’ll always remember,
Christmas time was her favourite time;
(The songs would be on from September!)

Or the way we’d sit on the back of the couch,
Putting bunches in her hair,
The top up her secret cushion stash...
You’d always find sweets behind there!

She’d spend hours in Greatie Market,
Walking round, she had a ball;
Perusing the isles then returning home,
With a glitter picture for us all.

We can thank her for being fast eaters though;
With the biggest spoon, we were fed!
She loved the girl’s dance competitions too,
And would always put on a full spread.

She had us dressed in Kids Cavern,
Her fashion sense never missed the mark,
(Except for the times she bought Crazy Frog tops, and sent us in them to the park!)

An animal lover, she adored her pets,
But us kids were the apples of her eye;
Even though we would wind her up,
By cradling her “little pumpkin pie”!

As she always used to say...
“You never know what God will give you tomorrow”,
So I’m sure she wouldn’t want us to be sad,
Or to be sat in pain and sorrow.

The Queen and backbone of our family;
Her legacy is here to stay.
That’s why I think of this , not as ‘Goodbye’,
But as a ‘See you again, someday’
Your loving Grandkids:
Tribute photo for Hilary Avril SMITH
Left by Your loving Grandkids:

SMITH - HILARY, February 23, 2021. Deepest sympathy to Tommy and Family at this sad time. In our thoughts and prayers. All our love The Johnson Family xxx
The Johnson Family xxx:
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Left by The Johnson Family xxx:
SMITH - HILARY, February 23, 2021. Deepest sympathy to all the family at this awfully sad time. In our thoughts and prayers. All our love, The Williams Family xxx
The Williams Family xx:
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Left by The Williams Family xx:
Thinking of you all at this sad time. RIP Hilary..x
Lynne Harrison:
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Left by Lynne Harrison: