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Can I Have a Funeral for my Pet?

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Published 13/05/2021
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When a loved one dies, of course you’re going to want to give them a special send off. If your partner, spouse or parent dies, the obvious solution to that is to hold a funeral or cremation, depending on their personal preference.

However, there’s another type of loved one that you might not know what to do for. That is your pet. Be it a cat, a dog or a fish, you can have bonds with your pet just as strong as with humans. In fact, many people have grown closer to their animal friend more than ever before during the last year (what better company could you wish for while working from home than a dog?)

So, down to the point of today’s blog. I’m going to look into the question which will have entered the minds of many, that being: can I have a funeral for my pet?

Can I have a pet funeral?

In normal times, the answer is a definite yes. You can either bury your pet in a cemetery - which is usually set up separately from a cemetery where humans are buried - or have them cremated.

Most people opt for cremation for their pets, and then have their ashes scattered in a place that they loved. Some people will also choose to keep their ashes in an urn, often next to a photo of their beloved companion.

Does Coronavirus affect pet funerals?

As with almost everything at the moment, the answer is yes to this too. With the UK entering and exiting restrictions for the past 12 months, things have been different and difficult for everyone.

Some pet cemeteries/crematoriums made the best of a bad situation and offered digital remembrance experiences for lost animals, whereas others temporarily closed. However, now the world (hopefully) starts to get back to normal for good, efforts are being made for services to gradually return to how they were pre-pandemic, so that you’re able to give your loved pet the send-off it truly deserves.

Many people who had a digital service (or maybe no service at all) during the pandemic for their pet will no doubt take the opportunity to give it an even more special goodbye with an in-person pet funeral in the coming months.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, I hope you found it interesting. For more blogs on similar subjects, please visit
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