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Adding charitable donations
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Unlimited online photo gallery
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Sharing a loved ones Notice
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World Fair Trade Day - 8th May 2021

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Published 06/05/2021
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World Fair Trade Day was created by the World Fair Trade Organisation back in 2004, and since then has taken place on the second Saturday of May every year. It is a worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade, used to highlight the objectives and achievements of the Fair Trade movement.

Fair Trade is all about working together to fight against inequality and climate change, ensuring the positive wellbeing of both the planet and those who live on it. The aim is to create an economic and agricultural model that respects planetary boundaries, to encourage the fair sharing of resources, and to spread the belief that everyone in the world deserves decent wages and working conditions, regardless of where they live.

After the effect that the pandemic has had on the world, and as we look to recover from it, the theme this year is to Build Back Fairer. It is not enough to go back to the old normal - we can use this as an opportunity to create a fairer and more sustainable tomorrow.

How can I support World Fair Trade Day?

There are a number of ways you can support World Fair Trade Day.

Try to choose Fair Trade alternatives to existing products where you can, and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Raise awareness, even just by sharing to your friends on social media. You could even take part in the Fair Trade Day Photo Challenge mentioned on the official website (link below).

See if there are any Fair Trade events in your area that you can take part in, or even organise your own, either to fundraise or just to raise awareness.

For more information visit the official website
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