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Your Alerts

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Published 03/07/2020
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Your Alerts
Setting up a custom alert is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps to start receiving alerts directly to your email.

Firstly you will need to be registered/logged in. If you haven't registered yet, don’t worry. Follow this link to register for free today. Register Here

Step 1
Select the drop-down arrow next to Logged in as.

Step 2
Select 'My Dashboard'. Once the dashboard loads, select 'Set /Edit Custom Alerts'

Step 3
You can now enter any search criteria you wish to use (Surname / Region / County / Area)
Select 'Confirm'.

Step 4
Your new alert will now appear within 'Your Dashboard' where you can delete at a later date if you require by just selecting the bin icon.

Future Emails
Once an alert is set up, you will receive a custom alert email with a link to any matching notices placed if the criteria you have selected matches any new notices that are placed online.

Finding your alerts
There will be a notification number alongside your alerts displaying the number of notices that match. Just select the individual 'Alert' and a list will drop-down with all the matching notices for you to view.