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Additional online benefits to placing a notice for your loved one
Adding charitable donations
Adding charitable donations
Families can raise charitable donations in memory of their loved one with payments made directly to the charities.
Unlimited online photo gallery
Unlimited online photo gallery
Multiple photos can be added at point of booking and directly on the notice once it has been published for free.
Unlimited Tributes
Unlimited Tributes
Families, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc can pay tribute and messages of condolence online free of charge forever.
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Families and friends can share via various social channels, one single share can go further than you think.

A Complimentary Notice For Everyone

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Published 26/01/2021
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At we want to make it easy for bereaved families to announce the passing of their loved ones, regardless of where they live. It is also important to us that we remove every barrier that may prevent people announcing the passing of their loved ones such as not having a local newspaper to make an announcement in or even the price of a notice. To help us with this aim, we would like to offer you a complimentary online notice for every funeral you arrange.

I don't have a paper local to me, can I still place a free notice?

Yes. Funeral Notices covers every village, town and city in Scotland, Wales and England and with the recent long overdue addition to the site of notices in Northern Ireland, we can now offer a notice for every location in the UK.

I don't have an account with Funeral Notices, can I still place a notice?

Of course. We have removed every possible barrier to prevent people announcing the passing of their loved ones which is why we are offering free online notices to Funeral Directors we work with as well as those we have yet to meet. Setting up an account couldn't be easier too, simply fill in your details on the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch.

Why are online notices free?

If the pandemic has taught us one thing it is that we have a duty to offer comfort to those coping with bereavement, particularly sudden bereavement at the hands of this virus. We decided last year that we would offer free online notices for the duration of the pandemic. We have the audience ready and waiting to read your notices and are able to offer a lasting tribute page to bring families some much needed comfort at this sad time.

We recently wrote a blog that explains a little more about free online notices and why they matter to us. Please take a moment to read it here.

Can families book their free notice on themselves?

No. Free online notices may be booked exclusively by Funeral Directors only.

We would like Funeral Directors to benefit from our online notices too. Online funeral notices are an invaluable marketing tool for Funeral Directors, with every online funeral notice linked to your brand and listing information on as well as helping you to offer online donations without the need of a subscription donation provider.

How can I book an online notice?

You are welcome to email us, requesting a free online notice. If you would prefer to speak with us, give us a call on 03444 060 276.

A good 70% of our Funeral Directors prefer to book their notices themselves using our simple self serve portal. This saves them time in waiting for a proof as well as allowing them to book their notices 24/7 if needs be.

You can find out more on how to book a free notice by reading our guide: Online Only Notices - Advice for Funeral Directors.

If you would like us to talk you through the booking process, please request a call back using the button at the bottom of the page.

Does a free online notice really help a family?

We really believe it does.

Feedback we receive from both Funeral Directors and families is that their free online notice has been important to help with announcing the passing, collecting donations in memory and receiving tributes and messages of condolence and support when we cannot pop and see loved ones as we usually would. As an example, a recent free online notice for the late Geoffrey Parkinson has been really well received, having been embellished with tributes and donations from loved ones.

Our 'Most Read Notices This Month' also provides heart warming examples of the benefits to families of placing a notice on

Here to help

If you would like to speak with us about this, would like more information on or would like to set up an account for your free online notices; please contact us below and an Account Manager will be in touch:
Thank you for reading.

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