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Additional online benefits to placing a notice for your loved one
Adding charitable donations
Adding charitable donations
Families can raise charitable donations in memory of their loved one with payments made directly to the charities.
Unlimited online photo gallery
Unlimited online photo gallery
Multiple photos can be added at point of booking and directly on the notice once it has been published for free.
Unlimited Tributes
Unlimited Tributes
Families, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc can pay tribute and messages of condolence online free of charge forever.
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Families and friends can share via various social channels, one single share can go further than you think.

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Published 21/12/2020
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How Can Social Media Help Me as a Funeral Director?

Like it or loathe it, social media is playing a growing part in the funeral industry as a means of communicating with families and your communities. Social media is also an invaluable part of marketing your business too. Whilst it is not for everyone, for those of you with social media accounts, or thinking of dipping a toe into the world of social media in 2021, we would love to connect with you and maybe offer a little insight into what we see as the main four social media platforms.


Once the domain of the young, those young people got older, added their parents who now connect with their relatives, friends, old neighbours and keep an eye on their grandchildren; Facebook is still the most popular site for social networking in 2020.

Facebook is great for connecting with your communities. The simple comment, reply and like features on posts make it really easy for you to gauge the success of a post and offer an opportunity for some really personal interaction. In fact, we liked their reply feature so much we created a reply facility on the tributes on!

In terms of marketing Facebook is great for getting your business message across to potential clients. It is also great for making sure business messages are seen, particularly important during the pandemic with regulations changing frequently.

If you are already on Facebook, why not give us a like and follow? Follow on Facebook. We share a message every day and are always looking to share posts by the Funeral Directors we work with.


Linkedin is a slightly different social media platform as it allows you to communicate with your peers as well as other types of business in the industry. Used by professionals in all walks of life and throughout the world, it can be a great way to get new ideas, promote what you do and talk about best practice.

Linkedin allows you to have a profile in your own name as well as creating a page for your business if you wish, whereas on Facebook it's a good idea to communicate as your business page.

If you are already on Linkedin, please follow to see when new articles are published: LinkedIn


Instagram is all about sharing images. It is really easy to link your Instagram to your Facebook account so sharing the same message across both these platforms is simple and extends the potential audience your messages will be seen by.

Instagram is pretty strict on the size of images you use and doesn't allow you add clickable URLs like Facebook does but it is still used by many in the industry to showcase what you do or share positive messages with potential clients.

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Twitter allows you to share a message (within a character count), videos, images or retweet messages from others in the industry, as well as allowing you to Quote Tweet - share a tweet with your own comment added.

It is easy to think you are talking to yourself on Twitter at first, but stick with it. Twitter can seem like it has it's own language too: tweets, retweets, hash tags and trending, but you'll soon pick it up.

If you are already active on Twitter, follow us here: Twitter
As well as communicating with our audience, we use social media to communicate messages to connected Funeral Directors, people in the wider funeral industry and charities.

One way to ensure the content of your social media is regularly updated is to share your funeral notices every day that they are published on The share option is easily available on every notice published. Each notice then links back to your own branding and information on your funeral-notices pages making them a fantastic marketing tool as well as offering comfort to families.
Throughout the pandemic we have tried to share latest updates and information on what it means to funerals as soon as we have it. We have also tried to share information you're wanting to get out to your communities and are always happy to share your key messages on any of our social media channels.
We hope you have found this brief overview of social media helpful. We are by no means the experts on social media but are more than happy to help you in any way we can. As always, you can contact us here or for more expert advice on how to use social media as a marketing tool, please contact our digital marketing colleagues at Reach Solutions here
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